Halloween costumes for our pets….

“Americans give 2 percent of their income to Christian causes (2 seems to be the new 10).  Out of that 2 percent, 5 percent goes to ministry outside the USA; and out of that 5 percent only 1 percent goes toward sharing Jesus with those that have not heard of Him.  That is 1% of 5% of 2% = 0.001% of what we earn we carefully set aside to ensure those who have never heard the gospel ever get that critical opportunity…. Another way to state this is that for every $100,000 American Christians earn, we give the grand sum of $1 toward changing the reality of the forgotten.  In the USA we spend more money on Halloween costumes for our pets than we do on bringing the good news of Jesus to the unreached and forgotten people of the world.”

from Scatter: Go Therefore And Take Your Job With You

by Andrew Scott