How does Preaching / Teaching fit with the Discovery Process of T4T or DMM?

Some of us have been asking this question. Clearly the scripture teaches that there is a spiritual gift of teaching and preaching. Clearly Paul commanded Timothy to “preach the word“. However, the T4T and DMM methodology emphasizes the discovery process or Discovery Bible Study, whether that takes an oral format (Bible Storying) or a written format (3 Column discover Bible Study taught by CityTeam). Most of us see the immense value of the discovery process, having sat under the teaching of some of the best preachers in world and watched great preaching roll like water off a duck’s back (for both ourselves and others).  That experience has encouraged us to move toward the discovery process. And yet we feel a tension knowing that there is a gift of teaching / preaching, and there is a place for it Biblically. But where does it fit in to T4T/DMM?  This video is 24 minutes long, but if you don’t want to watch the whole thing you can fast forward to minute 21 where the last 3 minutes discuss this issue in a way that made sense to me.  Check it out.